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My Start. Grow. Sell mentoring will turn your business from job to asset. I’m a big believer in a positive mindset. My favourite saying is ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right,’ famously said by

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I’ve won a number of business awards, including Startup Awards, winner, Women in Business category, 2009. Smarta 100 awards, winner. First Women Awards, shortlisted, Women in Media category. I was also featured on Management Today’s 35 under 35 list of female

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Your country needs you!

David Cameron recently stated ‘The future of Britain’s economy depends on Britain’s small businesses – on those with the courage to strike out and start their own thing, who work all hours to succeed, who through love, sweat and tears

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In all the world, there are few creatures so similar, so predictable and so ordinary as the black worker ant. Read how Annie the Ant changed her world from average to fantastic!




All entrepreneurs know that whilst business isn’t complicated, it’s not easy either. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat at my desk after a night of broken sleep (I won’t say anything else other than ‘two young children’), with my staff looking at me for guidance and I’ve thought ‘Why is everyone looking at me?!’ Then I’ve remembered they work for me and it’s up to me to set the tone for the day.... But in six years, I turned an idea in my head into a multiple six figure business that I was able to sell. Now I want to help other entrepreneurs on their journey....

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‘I moved further forward in one session with Natasha than a year with my previous coach’

‘Natasha coached me for my business healthista.com. The company was a year in and I was stuck in a ‘get funding or bust’ place, but she made me realise where the specific strengths and weakness of my business lay. Crucially, she also fast identified where our money was being wasted and came up with solutions for improving my bottom line. As a start-up owner, I didn’t need motivation and high-fives, I needed specific advice about getting turnover into my business and Natasha came up with a realistic and uncomplicated plan for building this that I was immediately able to implement. She understood me, my personality and financial situation and needs in a way other business advisors haven’t in the past. Moreover, there's no doubt that her positive and can-do nature with regards to even the harshest realities of business is catchy.’

Anna McGee Healthista.com

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